Create courses that get people talking

Curatr gives your L&D team the tools to design, deliver and facilitate social learning experiences whilst making the best of the content and systems you already own.

Try our CPD accredited courses for free to get a feel for how Curatr works.

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Create courses to get people selling

Sales teams use Curatr to disseminate product knowledge and practice pitching in a safe environment.

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Create courses to get people onboard

HR departments use Curatr to make the onboarding process more social and to signpost the way through a new hires first weeks.

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Create courses that educate

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) organisations use Curatr to offer on-going training and career development.

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Innovative & Engaging, Social Learning

Our approach is rooted in social learning. Unlike our competitors, we put social first, giving you the tools to create engaging and inspiring communities of practice for your learning organization.


Gather and curate digital assets from all of your companies systems, as well as the the wider web, as the baseline of content for your community.


Create a wide-range of Courses – Blended, Formal and Massive Open Online Courses are all possible using Curatr.


Use our core Gamification features to nudge and incentivise users to contribute back and promote peer-to-peer learning.

Does it work?

Our simple process and straightforward features have been shown time and again to work wonders for engagement…

A million conversations

Since we started Curatr in 2011, we’ve recorded more than 1 million comments and contributions on our platform. We get people talking.

Proving Progress

We use complex Content Analysis tools and techniques to show how learners using our platform progress their thinking from facile to behaviour changing as they work through a learning experience.

Generating New Content

Learners have contributed back more than 100,000 pieces of new digital content back to our Learning Platform; giving companies a new base of content and insights to curate their next learning experience…

3 Core Principles

Social Learning

Collaborating with other people is a fundamental part of learning. You can’t just put a blog or discussion feed on your Learning Management System and expect it to work. With Curatr, social learning is baked in from the start; a fundamental part of what we do.


Gamification is how we guarantee learner engagement in social learning. Done right, gamification can lead to stellar results; mass engagement, healthy competition and real recognition. Do it wrong and you can find yourself in a bit of a mess…

Digital Curation

The world is full of rich content, so let’s use it. Curatr allows you to aggregate content from around both your organisation and the wider web. You can use this as a baseline of discussion, creating a social learning experience without lifting a finger.


Capture the Wisdom of Your Community

The age of top-down knowledge delivery is over: By creating more social learning experiences, your organisation gets to benefit from the insights and experience of everyone who works with you.

More Than Just A Social Learning Platform

Curatr so feature-rich that we even have clients moving away from their traditional learning management system (LMS) – and with it’s ability to integrate with your existing technologies, there is no end to it’s capabilities.

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